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Why I love Writing With A Fountain Pen

May 29, 2015

Telling it like it is!

The Timeless Nexialist

People around nowadays, especially those of the younger generation who have rarely seen fountain pens in action , would ask why I even write with one. Some find them messy, too much of a bother, and too much to care for. Here are a few reasons why I love writing with my fountain pen.


Right now I am writing this article with a fountain pen. There is something magical about a fountain pen once you own a decent one that runs short of screaming, “Write with Me Now!” . In fact I have to hide my pens so that I do not write , something that I am addicted to. There is just something magical about the nib gliding across some glossy paper with your chosen color ink. An added plus is if you have great handwriting, so it is almost like painting with words literally…

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